Joseph Donoghue

Inducted May 14, 1960

Joseph was born February 11, 1871 and passed away on April 1, 1921. He was inducted into the National Speedskating Hall of Fame on May 14, 1960 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was the first American World Champion and reached his peak in 1893. He was known for skating on ice skates with longer irons than did the other skaters, which gave him an advantage because he did not need to swing with his arms.

On Jan. 26, 1893 at the Cove Pond, Stamford, Conn. Donoghue set all of the skating records from 25 miles to 100 miles. Times were measured at each 5 mile increment. The total time was 7 hours, 11 minutes and 38.2 seconds.
He was racing John S. Johnson, who set the records from 5.5 to 10 miles, and A. D. Smith, who set the records from 11 to 20 miles.

His contemporaries also included Harley Davidson.

From the Tribune Almanac 1901
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Story from the Boston Globe about Donoghue Racing Skates – 2/9/14