Mary Meyers (Miriam) Rothstein


On the awards stand: Jennifer Fish, Dianne Holum, Mary Meyers

Inducted May 17, 1980

Mary was born February 10, 1946. She won the titles of National Indoor and Outdoor Champion, North American Outdoor Champion, and was a World Team member several times, winning the gold medal in the 500m in 1967. In the 500m at the 1968 Olympics, Mary tied for 2nd place, winning a silver medal along with team-mates Jennifer Fish and Dianne Holum.




Dianne Holum and Mary Meyers








Floyd Bedbury, Jason Hedstrand, Tom Cushman, Mary Meyers, KimKostron





After her retirement she stayed involved in the sport as a developer, coach and promoter of the Northern Lights Association for novice skaters. She was inducted to the National Speedskating Hall of Fame on May 17, 1980 in Bloomington, Minnesota.


Article by Mary Meyers about non-discrimination