Harley Davidson

Inducted May 15, 1965

Harley was born in 1872 in St. Paul Minnesota. He began ice skating at 12 and passed away in St. Paul, in October 1946. During his life he competed on ice and roller skates. On ice he became a U.S. Outdoor Champion in  in 1910.

(From Tribune Almanac 1901) On ice: Jan 27, 1895 – 100 yards:  0:07 (with flying start and wind)
Jan 28, 1895 – 300 yds (with wind) 0:23.4
Contemporaries included Joseph Donoghue, John S. Johnson, John Nilssen

On roller skates:
1907 Riverview Rink Milwaukee, WI:  2 medals, a cup, purse of $3,000 and set one mile World’s championship at 2:37
Feb. 26, 1909 Olympia Rink London England – (race not specified) Won 1st place, a $2,000 purse. 16 rinks were used to qualify 150 contestants in front of 14,000 spectators
1912 – January 5, Grand Rapids MI 3 mile – 9:15; 2 mi 6:10

He was inducted into the National Speedskating Hall of Fame on May 15,1965 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The motorcycle company of the same name was not named for this skater.

From http://www.rollerskatingmuseum.com       
From the Tribune Almanac 1901
1901 Tribune Almanac and Political Register .._skating records

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