Proposed Exhibits

Update: October 2020 – Plans are underway with cooperation from US Speedskating to create these exhibits. Pending funding, we hope to start installing exhibits in 2021.



Display case showing the difference between Long Track and Short Track skates, and hockey and figure skates


What are skin suits? What are they made of? How do skinsuits help skaters go fast?

Why are speed skate fast? Displays will tell about Olympians from different eras, and use their story to show how equipment has evolved

over the years, from wool tights to high tech fabrics;  from steel blades on wooden frames, to modern custom boots

with high tech bent blades for Short Track, and clap skates for Long Track.

Why are the blades bolted on?  (Video close-up of boots traveling on the ice, leaning in the corner; video of a skater booting-out and wiping out) (Narrative and images of skaters with broken blades being changed during competition)

Exhibits will also be available on a virtual museum tour on the website.


When you visit the Oval, you sometimes see the skaters practicing using what we call a “turn-belt” or “strap.”  A short video will explain the correct skating position and why that position is critical to speed. The visitor will put on a strap and place one foot onto a block that will measure the pressure under their foot. The visitor will mimic the skaters’ body position as they watch a “point of view” video and try to lean like the skaters. Extra points if the visitor can generate as much pressure as the team athletes!


Try your powers of observation in the “You be the Referee” game. Can you watch a Short Track race closely enough to see when a skater commits an infraction? 


The Olympic Experience: Watch Olympic races and listen to the skater relate what it was like to reach their goal and race that race!




If you could ask a Hall of Fame Athlete a question, what would it be? We will compile a list of questions and get videos of athletes answering the questions.

The guest will select from a list of questions, such as “What got you started in speed skating?” “What was your best race? (or worst race)” “Who inspired you?” “Tell us about a set-back and how you got past it.” The visitor will select from athletes such as Bonnie Blair, Eric Heiden, Apolo Ohno, Jennifer Rodriguez and then watch the video of the athlete answering.

Videos may also include conversations between athletes, such as, Rusty Smith interviewing Dan Jansen, or Shani Davis interviewing Sheila Young.



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What would it be like to skate in a pack with the skaters?

Download the VR video to your cell phone.



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We plan to make these available on-line as well.