Play the Game: You Be the Referee (Short Track)

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Do you think its easy to referee a race?

Watch these races from the 2018 Pyeong-Chang Olympics.* Short track competitors race around a 111 meter track, watching for a chance to pass their opponents and move to the front. Referees watch for infractions. Cameras are positioned around the rink to record the action. Can you spot the infractions?     Brief review of race rules

Click on a video. While watching, remember you must identify skaters by their helmet numbers. Contact between skaters doesn’t always result in a disqualification. Sometimes more than one skater is disqualified. At the end of the video, you will use your powers as a Referee to determine who committed the infraction. Keep track of the helmet numbers. Good luck!

* Used with permission of the USOC. These are for use by the Speedskating Museum only. Permission is not granted for display outside the museum, or for download. For more information about racing and rules, log in to the e-learning link at the International Skating Union website.